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Grand theft auto’s Fat biker wants a burger! ;D

I almost choked on lunch watching this. Check out more hilarious fat biker on youtube by simply searching ‘GTA Fat biker.”


~ Katrina


Wassup Moocows?

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I’ve been busy, so much lately. NO TIME TO POST.

Yup… Below ’bout Charlie. Check my avatar. That isn’t quite working. ^.^ Charlie! “DID NOT DRAW”

Charlie, mah main man! Woo.


Are you sitting comfortably? Watch your back. I may come to finish a job.

Chapter one, INNOCENT.

Three years old. Foolish and careless. I wish I could take it all back. It was October, a cold night. I was lying in bed, listening to the caretaker through the wall. It was dark, but I saw light through a small crack in the wall. The caretaker was scolding Maria. She had accidentally taken a few pastry crumbs. They had snagged on her skirt on the way to her room. I was just Charlie. Nothing special about me. That was before the nightmare. I closed my eyes. I wished someone would adopt me. My parents had left me behind. With last thoughts of  Maria, I fell asleep. I was dropped towards a black hole. I screamed, and waved my arms and legs. Two bony hands caught me. I looked up. Expressions of relief and fear drifted through me.

“Do not fear, little one.” The thing laughed and gave me a stuffed cow. I smiled and hugged it. “I am Gears.”

“I’m Charlie.”

Gears  held me up by my arms, and examined me.

“What you doing? Geaws?”

He muttered to himself unknown words, and put me on his shoulders. “Ah, Charlie. You are the one.”

I couldn’t help but go with Gears. He took me to the orphanage, and lay me down on my bed. He placed a small, dark purple object on my chest, underneath my shirt.

I woke up, puffing. I yawned and went back to sleep. It was just a dream. Sadly, I didn’t notice the purple glow on my chest.

To Be Continued…

I hope you look forward to the next chapter. Mwahahahaha.

Charlie will watch you.Like a hawk that missed breakfast.


Katrina R.

Avatar review

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Yes, it’s time for me to bring up the old dvd player and watch that movie ’bout blue blokes. Righto.

Cover for 'avatar'

Avatar is probably the best movie that anyone could ever make. Its that brilliant.  I know it is a little violent at the end, but still a great movie.

Alrighy lets go into detail.

Who: A marine, ( in a wheelchair), that undergoes a process to create him a na’vi ‘avatar’. Thar starts ye adventure.

What: See above

When: the future

Where: BLue planet. No, not neptune.

Why: To inhabit their planet.

Pros: Awesome visual effects, gripping plot, wonderful concepts.

Cons: Very long ( over 3 hours), low violence, boring beginning.

Recomended to: I reccomend this

movie to anyone older than 7.

Overall rating (out of 5 ):

Um. That didn’t work.


Kaatria, the cat-girl


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MOOMOO COW. I love doin that.

Total Drama World Tour has been announced.

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Woohoo! As you may or may not know TDWT has been advertised on ABC3 for the first time! Keep your eyes glued at 5:25pm every weekday for more total drama awesomeness.

Here’s some piccies! Alejandro the evil looker, and Sierra the cody-fan, are the new guys now.

Above: Everybody in tdwt!

Below: Alejandro (Funny lol) and Sierra with cod



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Sorry I haven’t written for so long.  i’m back peeps.

Moglin like me.

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Hiya adventurers, Today I was browsing through and I found Zorbak goes to draconcon. i looked through until i came across celebs no Zorbak goes to ….. Draconcon 06? Anyways I like this show called dead like me and as we have it  the main character has to reap my mighty lord Zorbak! ( IN YOUR FACE TWILLY! 😛 )

George! Woopsie Zorbak!

George! Woopsie Zorbak!