New books!


That’s right. Its my  craze. you will have to suffer blood and gore! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

Did you know?

Zeus ruled the earth and the sky from his home on the top of mount Olympus. Of all the groovy Greek gods, Zeus was the grooviest. In a competition he got top job. When he wasn’t flirting with human women he was frying somebody with a thunderbolt.

Zeus’ brother Poseidon, ruled the sea. A job for a real drip. Old Pos wasn’t too happy with this because he was a bad loser. That’s why why he sulked and went stomping around, whipping the sea with a fork and creating storms. What a stirrer.

A third brother, Hades, was a real loser. He won the job of ruling the under world. That must have been hell!

Cool hey?


~ by Iain Hall on August 20, 2008.

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