Avatar review

Yes, it’s time for me to bring up the old dvd player and watch that movie ’bout blue blokes. Righto.

Cover for 'avatar'

Avatar is probably the best movie that anyone could ever make. Its that brilliant.  I know it is a little violent at the end, but still a great movie.

Alrighy lets go into detail.

Who: A marine, ( in a wheelchair), that undergoes a process to create him a na’vi ‘avatar’. Thar starts ye adventure.

What: See above

When: the future

Where: BLue planet. No, not neptune.

Why: To inhabit their planet.

Pros: Awesome visual effects, gripping plot, wonderful concepts.

Cons: Very long ( over 3 hours), low violence, boring beginning.

Recomended to: I reccomend this

movie to anyone older than 7.

Overall rating (out of 5 ):

Um. That didn’t work.


Kaatria, the cat-girl


~ by Kattria on July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Avatar review”

  1. Been a while since your last Post Kat girl. I liked the movie but think it is in fact rather flawed

  2. Is this a review?
    It wasn’t a blue planet. It was a moon of a planer called Pandora.

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