Timon Log 3

Timon Log 1/12/2008, 5:36 PM
Timon Taken

It was another fine day at my abode and we were having a barbeque lunch, (Last bits of roast warthog)* also available in Timon Log, my dream
I was swimming in our pool and Timon was down the deep end.
“AAAGGGGHHHH” He screamed.
I quickly swam down to Timon and I scooped him up in my paw.
“ Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t swim?” I asked disappointedly.
“ I was scared you would laugh,” He said softly.
“ Next time you should tell the truth” I said half angry, half sad.
“ You could of died!” I said meanly.
He started to run off towards the house. I shape shifted into Timon’s Mum and crept closer towards the frightened Timon.
Suddenly he changed into a meepit so I shot him with my barrel gun. It appeared that Timon was … was … was … where was he? I rushed to the house and searched from top to bottom. Timon loved this home so why would he leave? I cried for a few hours.
TIMON HAD BEEN TAKEN BY THE MEEPITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew that I had to save him by taking him back from the Meepits’ wicked lair!
I flew off to the west, guessing where the meepits lived. I dived down to the mountain and had a rough landing on the rock entrance to the meepits’ lair. I rushed into the cave and destroyed 234 meepits with my rocket launcher gun. There was only 234 meepits there. I found a cage made out of bones, (Meerkat Bones *gulp*) with a skeleton inside.
Timon was unconscious when I found him in a cage up high above the meerkat bones. I flew up there to see if Timon was alive.
“ Timon?” I whispered nervously.
There was no reply but I heard thumping and meeping outside. It was the meepits!
I shape shifted into a guard meepit and flapped around Timon’s cage. I had killed the boss earlier so I changed into the boss, and told the meepit army,
“ Young meepits, you must follow my father’s footsteps and finish this list slowly.”
“ GO!” I yelled at the evil meepits.
I unlocked the door to Timon’s cage and put him in my nest-tail and flew to the meepits and asked them,
“ Why do you capture people?”
“ Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep” A meepit sighed sadly.
“ You can have that with me.” I whispered.
“ Meep Meep?” A meepit replied.
“ Really.” I said lovingly.
I gave the meepits a ride home on my back and we had dinner together. And waited until Timon was awake. I hid the meepits behind a small cave I made for special occasions.
Then I rushed over to the awoken Timon who called me over.
I saw he had something snuggling onto him as if he were a pillow. It was Paska my Axolotl I had lost. *Also available in Timon log my Dream.
I thanked Timon for finding her and we had more dinner and (Because I had turned into a meerkat to eat,) A gigantic bug feast.
That’s all for now on Timon log 1/18/2008, 1:53 PM.


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